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 A Virtual Solution That Seamlessly Connects Doctors, Patients and Loved Ones

Increase Practice Revenue & Improve Patient Satisfaction!

TeleHealth is a comprehensive virtual care solution capable of serving organizations and people anywhere. It links local professions to facilitate the flow of information, consultation and referrals, elevating the level of care in your entire community. Instead of the emergency room, hospitals can refer non-critical patients to TeleHealth practitioners. Almost all facilities can expand reach to underserved populations very cost efficiently. Our system also works well for Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring. Can be used with EMRx or used as a stand-alone service.

• Remote Monitoring
• Reach More Patients
• Improve Clinical Workflows
• Increase Practice Efficiency
• Increase Practice Revenue
• Improve Patient Satisfaction
• Reduce Overhead
• Reduce Patient No Shows

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